New Zealand Reopens Vape Shops

“Having a ‘bricks and mortar’ presence will remain critical as people love to interact with retail staff, see the product, and seek advice,” says Ben Pryor, Co-owner of Vapo and Alt New Zealand. As the country has transitioned to Alert Level 2, retailers were allowed to reopen and operate as long as they respect social distancing measures.


“Our Vapo and Alt online stores saw a real lift in the past couple of months, and no doubt many customers will stay virtual shoppers, but we’re very confident physical shoppers aren’t going anywhere. The public will always like getting out to shop, with traditional retail’s tactile factor not set to lose any of its appeal,” added Pryor.


Pryor recently reported that the companies experienced a staggering rise in sales for starter kits, meaning that many smokers have used this lockdown period to quit smoking. “The good news is many smokers used the lockdown to quit tobacco for health reasons and to save money. With our stores now back in business, we’re hoping to encourage even more Kiwi smokers to make the switch.”

He added that the reopening of the shops has other benefits besides helping people quit smoking. “Reopening our Vapo stores not only ensures retail jobs, but will help more Kiwis to quit smoking, and enable better environmental outcomes. It just goes to show the benefits of reopening a shop can be way broader than most probably think,” says Ben Pryor.


Vape shops play a key role in smoking cessation

In line with this, a 2019 study had indicated that vape shops play a key role in supporting smokers who switch to safer alternatives. The study titled, “‘I Felt Welcomed in Like They’re a Little Family in There, I Felt Like I Was Joining a Team or Something’: Vape Shop Customers’ Experiences of E-Cigarette Use, Vape Shops and the Vaping Community,” aimed to understand customers’ experiences of vaping and vape shops, and the extent to which smoking cessation advice is and should be provided by these outlets.


The researchers had conducted telephone interviews with 22 customers recruited in vape shops in the East Midlands region of England, exploring the participants’ smoking histories, reasons for using e-cigarettes, the role of vape shops in their e-cigarette use, and whether smoking cessation was discussed in vape shops.


The compiled responses had shown that respondents regarded e-cigarettes as a quitting tool and reported very positive experiences of vaping. The participants found vape shops critical to their positive experiences, in that they provided access to a wide variety of high-quality products and reliable product information and advice.


Vapers in India to Observe World Vape Day on May 30

(Eds: Disclaimer: The following press release comes to you under an arrangement with NewsVoir. PTI takes no editorial responsibility for the same.) New Delhi, Delhi, India (NewsVoir) To mark their win in the battle against smoking, over 40 million vapers from across the globe will come together on Saturday to celebrate World Vape Day. In India, the representative body of e-cigarette users, the Association of Vapers India (AVI), will hold a number of virtual campaigns to speak up against the ban imposed by the central government late last year. The World Vape Day celebration will see a global social media drive where AVI along with consumer advocacy organizations from 34 nations will spread awareness on the harm reduction potential of vaping and its effectiveness in helping smokers quit. Citing numerous international studies and research that vaping is much less harmful than smoking, the vapers’ body has been demanding that the e-cigarette sale ban in India be rescinded so that the country’s 100 million smokers can have access to an effective means to quit. “Banning a less harmful alternative to smoking protects the cigarette industry, in which the Indian government continues to hold a major share. How can we claim economic progress if we are still dependent on tobacco for revenues and taxes at the cost of the health of our people? Risk reduction is a right no Indian should be denied,” AVI Director Samrat Chowdhery said. Nearly a million people die every year in India due to smoking, with the country’s tobacco crisis costing the economy $22 billion (Rs. 1 lakh crore) per annum from mortality and morbidity losses. Talking about the reasons for celebrating World Vape Day, Dhaval Gogate, an AVI board member, said, “Vaping is increasingly being framed in industry terms, but the real story is about the people, the smokers whom it helped in quitting a deadly habit and leading better lives. We want to tell our stories of struggle and success to the world and highlight that there is a human cost to denying people a safer alternative.” Gogate pointed to studies that show e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than combustible cigarettes and have proved to be beneficial in reducing health inequalities caused due to smoking. E-cigarettes also don’t come with the harms associated with secondhand smoking, which kills 850,000 people each year, he said. On May 30, AVI will organize a live stream where vapers will tell their success stories, along with twitter and email campaigns to sensitize lawmakers, media and the general public on the health and human aspects of vaping. Globally, social media campaigns and online rallies will focus on awareness and pushing back against misinformation. AVI page: Global page: Image: World Vape Day PWR PWR


UK Vape stores get green light to reopen

Vape stores will be able to reopen from 15 June, following the government announcement.

Prime minister Boris Johnson yesterday (25 May) revealed that non-essential retail units will be allowed to re-open from 15 June, while outdoor markets in England can re-open from 1 June.

The UK Vaping Industry Association (UKVIA) believes that the industry will be well placed to meet the social distancing guidance when shops re-open.

John Dunne, director at UKVIA, said: “All our retail members have still been ‘open for business’ since the lockdown began and have introduced social distancing measures that go well beyond the government guidance. This should give vapers confidence when going to their local stores.”

Dunne added: “Our members, together with the industry as a whole, will be delighted that shops will be able to reopen from the 15 June as it will enable them to give the critical support to their customers, and be a boost to the whole supply chain.”